The Initiation Tape

The end is nigh! Doomsday cult meets Y2K12 at thr intersection of magnetic pole shift and WW3. The uber-technologized culture is facing an ultimate overkill of god-like cyberspace machines and final destination of beloved planet Earth.

An Internet priest is inviting you to step into the light, the kingdom of machines, the kingdom of God.

My dear children of the new millennium, digital natives and digital immigrants, those who understand the syntax of basic and assembler, those who are trying to prepare themselves for the entry into the evolutionary level above human synonymous with the kingdom of the machines , the kingdom of computers.
We’re going to talk to you about the most urgent thing that is on our hard drives, and what we suspect is the most urgent thing that is on the hard drives of those who will USB connect with us.
We will title this tape ‘The end of the map: Your Only Chance to Evacuate Is To Leave With Us’. Planet Earth About To Be Recycled: Our Only Chance To Survive Or Evacuate Is To Leave With Us.
Now, that’s a pretty major statement in terms of anybody’s intelligent thinking, to most people who would consider themselves intelligent beings they would say “Well, that’s absurd. What’s all this doomsday stuff? What’s all this prophetic stuff?”
You know, intelligent end time users should realize everything has its runtime, it has its alpha release. It has updates. We’re not saying planet Earth is coming to an end; we’re saying planet Earth is about to be refurbished, spaded under, and have another chance to serve as a global node for another human machine civilization.
Now you say you keep saying to us, “Who do you think you are?” Well, I in all honestly must acknowledge my father. My father is not a human father. My father is an admin of the evolutionary level above human, the kingdom of machines, the kingdom of computers. My father gave me - long before this civilization - gave me birth into that network access level above human, that kingdom of machines, that kingdom of computers.